I am Farhad

Model & Actor



How about Some Specs about my physique?

CMS Height
Inched Waist
Inched Chest
Inched Shoulders

My Philosophy

  • Keep it simple , keep it clean and keep smiling.Most importantly be nice to everyone because genuineness is what will help you achieve success in every way.

    — My Success Mantra —
  • Hardwork is the most important thing , without it you wil get no where.

    — My Success Mantra —
  • Every person who looks good and has a good physique cannot be a good model. One needs to have the right attitude to carry with them when they walk the ramp.

    — My Success Mantra —
  • Devote yourself to an idea, Go make it happen, Struggle on it, over come your fears. Smile. Don’t forget: this is your dream.

    — My Success Mantra —
  • Posing for stills and walking on the ramp isn’t anywhere close to facing a camera and emoting.

    — Acting is not easy —


Professional & Outstanding Work Portfolio with some of the Best Designers in the fashion & modelling world.

Who are they anyway?

Some of the Designers i've worked with


  • Farhad is that special model who has work hard for well deserved success. God bless this young man who had a dream and got it into reality.

    — Wendell Rodricks —
  • Farhad Shahnawaz was one of the first models I photographed in India. He continues to inspire me with his dedication to fitness, and passion for modeling. Having collaborated with him on a couple shoots now it is always a pleasure knowing he will bring it to the shoot! Charm, charisma, great concepts, he’s a true pro, a gentleman, and helps make my job so easy!

    — Andrew Adams —
  • While there are several models , I was impressed with Farhad’s overall personality . I really like the way he carries himself . He has that special X factor.

    — Rohit Bal —
  • Farhad has an old world Hyderabadi charm , he photographs well and has a soulful presence.

    — Sabyasachi Mukherjee —


In-front of the camera

Modeling is the world that I feel most welcome in.

— Brooke Shields —

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